The Team

Why We Wrote This Guide Successful and well-known artists function like businesses. As with any business, there is a team of people working together toward a »

Types of Music Releases

Why We Wrote This Guide Albums, singles, LPs, EPs, mixtapes, compilations — the music industry uses a whole host of classifications for commercial releases. As technology evolves »

Copyright Registration

Why We Wrote This Guide The American government and others offer legal protections to those who create intellectual property. This guide has been written to explain »

Music Industry Contracts

Why We Wrote This Guide Contracts are the primary tools that entities in the music industry use to enter into business relationships with one another. This »

What is Music Distribution?

Why We Wrote This Guide In 2017, paid audio-streaming subscriptions increased by 45.5% worldwide. Additionally, digital revenues accounted for over half of all revenue from »

Major vs. Indie

Why We Wrote This GuideThe terms “major” and “indie” (independent) can be applied to many different entities in the music business. While we most often think »

What is a Digital Download?

Why We Wrote This Guide Over the last decade, the digital music industry has gained significant momentum. Many digital platforms—streaming services, downloads, digital media players, »

What is Work for Hire?

Why We Wrote This Guide Work for Hire agreements are a popular mode of contractual interaction between various people and entities in the music business. Due »

What Is SoundExchange?

Why We Wrote This Guide This guide serves as a comprehensive resource to grant interested parties a better understanding of SoundExchange and its unique function within »

What is Music Reports?

Why We Wrote This Guide Music Reports administers mechanical royalties from digital service providers (see our guides for On-Demand Music Streaming and Digital Downloads) to songwriters »

What is a Record Label?

Why We Wrote This Guide Record labels have been around nearly as long as recorded sound. For years, being signed to a label was thought to »


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