According to a report by 9to5Google, YouTube released a dedicated Explore page for podcasts alongside its other mainstays like the Trending tab and YouTube Music. The new podcast hub is still not available to everyone yet, and has appeared to have rolled out to some users in late July.

Nielsen recently reported that consumer behavior during July 2022 showed that TV viewers spent more time on streaming platforms than cable TV networks during the measured month. Approximately 34.8% of consumer attention was paid to streaming, compared to 34.4% for cable.

YouTube creators can now easily license a catalog of commercially released music for use in their videos with the launch of STIM’s new service called Cora Music. The Swedish collecting society called it “a world-first service, providing YouTubers with a one-stop shop for quality music”.

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Compiled by Heidi Seo

Exploration Weekly - Aug 26, 2022

YouTube Quietly Launched a Podcast Hub

As 9to5Google first reported, YouTube has officially launched a dedicated Explore page for podcasts. That puts its podcast ambitions alongside other longtime major mainstays like the Trending tab, the YouTube Gaming hub, and YouTube Music. Per 9to5Google, the page appears to have started rolling out to some users in late July, and still isn’t available to everyone. Those who do have access can see the page on both browser YouTube and in the YouTube app. Tapping a podcast within the hub opens it in the regular YouTube video player.

It’s Official: Streaming Has Overtaken Cable

A new report published by Nielsen tracked consumer behavior during July 2022. According to the firm, TV viewers spent more time on streaming platforms than cable TV networks during the measured month. It’s the first time streaming has pulled ahead of cable in that regard. These data points suggest that digital media is finally usurping its traditional counterparts, but streaming’s advantage over cable is currently fractional. 34.8% of consumer attention was paid to streaming in July 2022, compared to 34.4% for cable. Thanks to that slight edge, streaming is now the most popular medium for TV consumption.

STIM Launches Music Service for YouTube Creators

Swedish collecting society STIM has launched a new service called Cora Music which is “a world-first service, providing YouTubers with a one-stop shop for quality music”. It allows YouTube creators to easily license a catalog of commercially released music for use in their videos. If creators use such music in their content without seeking licenses, their videos may be blocked, or a record label may claim the creator’s share of any ad income that YouTube generates via the Content ID system. With Cora Music’s “world-first service” creators can access commercially released tracks via a one-stop shop, with both recording rights and song rights covered.

Deezer Lost 300,000 Subs in H1 2022 YoY, But Revenue Jumped Up 9.9%

Deezer lost 300,000 subscribers in the first half of 2022 as it failed to keep and attract users outside its home market of France. The online music streaming platform recorded a 2.9% drop in its total subscribers as of the end of June to 9.4 million from 9.7 million in the year-ago period. The drop came as the 10.7% increase in its subscriber base in France offset the 18.1% drop in its subscriber count in the rest of the world, according to Deezer’s first earnings release. In France, Deezer’s growing subscriber base was fueled by an increase in family mix plans and the company’s addition of new partners. Despite seeing a drop in its subscriber base outside France, Deezer’s overall first-half sales jumped 9.9% YoY (constant currency) to €219 million in H1 2022. The company attributed its global revenue growth to price increases that it implemented, and a change in the company’s geographical mix. Deezer’s revenue outside France jumped 8.1% YoY (at constant currency).

What Happens When Content Supersedes the Creator?

MIDiA’s new report, “Re-creating the creator economy”, explores the risk of TikTok-esque feeds making content more important than creators, similar to the way streaming has helped elevate songs over artists. TikTok’s discovery-focused feed and sophisticated personalization algorithm eliminate the need to follow, browse, or search, since the user will be delivered content relevant to them regardless of any of these actions. In this way, while TikTok may give more creators a shot at being noticed, it also arguably encourages passive consumption of their content, with little regard for the creator behind it.

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