Where did the year go? So much of our landscape is changing, coupled with so much excitement in the day to day, that the year has flown by! My sister, with a 3 and 1 year old likes to remind me – the days are long, but the years are short!

Swiftgate and the Future of Music

Philip Inghelbrect, Co-founder of Shazam and former YouTube employee, penned a compelling article in Techcrunch this week on how our space is changing. There are lots of facts and links to related information in the article.


Streaming – Some could be looking at it all wrong

Rene Merideth, Exploration’s very own Co-founder and COO, wrote an op-ed that is now published on the AIMP site, that highlights some of the same thoughts! The post sheds light on a few misconceptions that exist surrounding streaming and may surprise those that are not completely in the know.


Speaking of the AIMP, their Los Angeles holiday party is tonight at the BMI offices. We’ll be there and I may or may not have a sneaky flask to share. See you tonight!

Stay close.