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We have gone far too long without updates to let folks outside our regular orbit know the goings on. With the addition of a few strategic hires and a commitment to more regular news briefs, we hope to change for the better. Please find a few quick updates from the world of music and tech that we think you may find compelling.

Exploration Weekly - October 18, 2017

YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki fires author of infamous ‘Google memo’

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated her surprise over a recent memo written by James Damore, an engineer on her team at Google, which commented on female engineers being less capable of leading others in the workplace. She voiced that computer science classes are currently not being offered enough in school during a time when the subject has become more important to learn than ever. “When we do make it more generally available, then that will solve some of the issues,” she adds, “By definition, everyone will be educated in this area. People will understand: yes, women are great at this.” Damore was eventually fired for his letter and Wojcicki remains “hopeful” about the future of diversity in tech. Currently, women are fighting to be heard globally on Twitter with the hashtag #MeToo, and the music industry is further addressing the importance of diversity.

IFPI and the European Parliament’s plan to fix the value gap in the EU

Both the IFPI and Europe’s creative industries have come together to propose a joint statement to the EU for legislative action. The statement reflects solutions towards fixing the value gap for music online and promoting a fair digital marketplace that helps creators thrive on a level playing field

The Copyright Office plans to introduce a small claims court for creators

A new bill named the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act is now being proposed as an alternative for creators to file a case through a small claims tribunal - rather than through a federal court. Individual creators face an average cost of $278,000 when litigating a case in federal court.

Study reveals musicians are 3x more likely to experience depression

Help Musicians UK, a charity focusing on mental health in the music industry, reported in a new study that musicians are three times more likely to experience depression due to money worries, poor working conditions, and relationship challenges. The organization has initiated a 24/7 mental health service called Music Minds Matter, offering advice and therapeutic help to the music community.

Eyes on Atlanta as the next big music business hub alongside NY and LA

Spotify’s global head of creator services, Troy Carter, voiced reasons for artists to stay in Atlanta, saying that managers and entrepreneurs like Quality Control Music’s Coach K (Migos, Lil Yachty) and creative collective LVRN (DRAM, 6LACK) are coming together to make Atlanta a thriving hub for artists and executives alike. The statement was released at a time when the Georgia Music Investment Act is expected to bring 10,000 jobs into the city.

Random Ramblings

  • Mexican-American music and entertainment icon Selena Quintanilla is remembered for her shortly ended career on Google Doodles.
  • This trippy gramophone.
  • Post Malone’s “rockstar” feat. 21 Savage (EMI) is the top trending song on SoundCloud.
  • Mandala Folk’s “Morrison's Jig + Saltatio Vita” is the top trending song on Reddit Music.

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