Exploration exists to assist the owners and administrators of the world’s most important music on YouTube and SoundCloud. We’re pretty pleased with our ability to execute in that regard, but we are always looking for ways to improve and add more value. With that in mind, we are totally excited to be releasing brand new software today.

Helping music publishers has been the core of our business since the start. Our very first partners came as a result relationships Rene had formed over a career of working with music publishers, from Nashville to New York and finally, Los Angeles. Google’s Content ID software works remarkably well in fingerprinting and discovery of master recordings, but identifying underlying compositions at scale is quite challenging, which of course, is opportunity for us. We don’t mean to exclude labels, its just our focus has been on publishers…until now.

We have often been told “Sorry, we don’t even have videos on YouTube.” or “Our back catalog isn’t represented and we didn’t make an ‘Official Music Video’ for most of those tracks” or “All we have are the masters. No videos to accompany them”, when we have signed labels. To me, its a pity, as much of that media deserves to be heard and it deserves to be able to generate revenue, today and into the future.

I began scratching my head and wondering how I might be able to build a piece of software that can could automate the process. Many a moon and adult beverage later…its alive!

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, please stand and put your hands together for Phoenix!!!


Phoenix, as we have named her, collects the fallen titles of an old catalog, tracks 5-12..everything other than the hits (that likely have a video already)..and breathes life into them again. That breath comes in the way of turning audio into video so that it can be consumed globally on the world’s largest music service, YouTube. Life comes back to audio tracks that can’t be found any other place than on CD or in a database somewhere.

Inasmuch, titles that previously had no video and were not on YouTube can now be found, shared, and generating money.

What about sending a music supervisor a list of YouTube URLs next time you want to pitch. How about creating channels for entire albums you control. Are there fans just waiting and searching for your songs in Japan or Sweden or Peru?

Phoenix is a software that generates music videos at scale. One puts into the system a spreadsheet of titles, mp3s, and album art and the output are static image music videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Got 100 songs you wanna make videos from? No sweat. How about 100,000? Easy like Sunday morning.

Obviously, we believe taking advantage of the power of YouTube is a good thing. Phoenix can help artists and labels create music videos, at scale and at rates that intend to disrupt the way things have been getting done for quite some time.

Keen to explore? Please drop us a line.

Music has a way of helping us in ways that are sometimes unexplainable. It might be the memory a song reminds us of. Perhaps a track takes us to another place. Music can bring folks together for a common good.

We know these things. We live them, day in and day out. Its part of why we choose to work with music.

So, it was a no brainer to support Tiffany Morentin, our very first hire, in her effort to raise money and support for Covenant House by throwing a music showcase. Tiffany is currently in school at Musicians Institute and works with Exploration as a licensing coordinator. She’s smart, focused, and incredibly passionate about being an advocate for writers, artists, and those that represent them. We’re lucky to have her!


If you’re in Hollywood on Friday evening, please do stop by and say hello. It should be fun and its for a good cause.