Thank goodness it’s finally spring! This bitter winter has been hard on the ole boy. My bones are weary and rations are low, but we are in the short rows now. I tease…the weather is perfect in LA and hasn’t changed at all since last spring. Life is good!

Now, the news…

ISRC Search – SoundExchange

Sound Exchange made ISRC search available last week. The ISRC or International Sound Recording Code is the code identifying each unique sound recording. Being able to programmatically identify all of the sound recordings that contain certain compositions is worth a lot of new money to music publishers.

YouTube Artists

YouTube has launched a new free analytics tool for artists and labels –

The analytics and tools made available may be invaluable to those planning tours and building a fan base.

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Note – All tools are available to everyone, however not all artists’ analytics are currently represented.

YouTube Basics Webinar – Free

We are hosting a live webinar next week covering some of the basics of YouTube and will be available for Q/A. Let us know if there is something particular you’d like for us to cover.

YouTube Basics Webinar – Free
11am-1pm PST
March 31st, 2016


1 hour agenda + 1 hour Q/A:

Rene and Aaron – Who & Why
Exploration – What
History of YouTube
How it works – High level overview
Data – What data must you include to be attributed and paid
Money – How does the money flow
What is the relationship between these parties and YouTube
– Music Publisher – Composer
– Record Label – Artist
– PRO – United States Performance
– Direct – Sync
– Direct – Reproduction
– PRO -Foreign
– YouTube v VEVO – RED
Resource Downloads
– YouTube Playbook for Music
– Catalog Metadata Template

YouTube Basics Webinar – Free
11am-1pm PST
March 31st, 2016


Stay close,