When tasked with a new project or when he had a new idea, my grandfather would always proclaim, “Well, don’t let grass grow under your feet!” and would then be off to the races. I’d like to think we are following those footsteps. Moving forward, on Fridays, check out our Digital Media Brief, for all the news thats fit to byte. Today marks the 4th installment our weekly round up of news that we feel is important to those keeping a pulse on the digital revolution, as it relates to entertainment.Digital Media Brief – Issue 4
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s 2014 Digital Music Report (Analysis)
IFPI Digital Music Report (Complete, 48pages, 9MB, PDF)
The Price of Music .
Recording industry earns more from fan videos than from official music videos. Will you be at the Winter Music Conference? If you are able, I would love to see you during the panel I am participating with at the Miami Music Summit . For those unable to attend, I plan to tape the presentation and will share it here. Member of AIMP? If not, it might serve you to look into it. We attended a panel yesterday that was incredibly informative. Networking with old and new friends, learning in an environment that is conducive to retaining important insight, and good food. What more do you want? Curious if you can get more from YouTube? A [A free audit is the place to start.(GHOST_URL/request-audit/) is the place to start. We typically can turn it around in a couple business days. You’ll probably be surprised at the findings.
Finally, I was watching..wait for it..YouTube, when I stumbled upon this video of Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie. Kenny was at an event honoring Lionel, when he retold a pretty funny story about how to write and sell a song. I don’t want to give any all the details, but it’s pretty good. Of course, the tale is followed by two beautiful artists sharing the stage to belt out a classic.

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