User generated content networks are proliferating music around the world at unprecedented scale and speed. This presents new opportunities and challenges for creators and those that represent them.Exploration is excited to be a part of this development.

SoundCloud recently raised quite a bit of money and is in talks with record labels and publishers to license content. It hasn’t been publicly determined just yet how the system will work, but from all accounts, the process will be similar to that of YouTube and their CMS / Content ID software.

Since the inception of our company, the entire staff, Rene and I have worked hard to offer the most personable and comprehensive service offering in our space, in addition to creating the most powerful and thorough media search engine that exists. We are proud to be achieving both of these goals.

Having created and refined our software algorithm to monitor YouTube, we had a head start in plugging into the SoundCloud API to monitor and compile data on that network. It works, really well.

Starting today, our clients are able to continuously monitor SoundCloud, in addition to YouTube, with advanced software.

What does this mean for our partners and SoundCloud?

Firstly, this development allows Exploration to aid rights holder’s in determining the number of plays and downloads a catalog might experience on SoundCloud.

Additionally, we are excited to help SoundCloud analyze their network as they expand and forge new relationships with record labels and music publishers around the world.

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