I might need to hit the gym after all of the food and laying around that went on over the last few days, but it was wonderful to visit with family and old friends for Thanksgiving. I hope your holidays were wonderful, too!

Investing in Music Global Report

The IFPI, in association with WIN, has released their annual Investing in Music Global Report:
http://www.ifpi.org/content/library/Investing_In_Music.pdf. The report has some pretty interesting numbers about the amount and allocation of funds by labels and publishers, globally.

YouTube Music Key

Have you gotten all of your sound recordings uploaded to YouTube to participate with Music Key, their new streaming service? It is crucial to make sure all of one’s sound recordings have been added to the service, above and beyond what has been added to YouTube’s traditional service, in order to profit from the platform.
If you started to dive in, but were thwarted by the complexity, you’re not alone. It’s a lot of information. Much to our pleasure, we’ve identified a few short cuts that will allow one to speed up the process by hours, even days, with less errors and back tracking. Please reach out if you are struggling with the process at all.

Party Time

We will be attending these parties in Los Angeles. If you’re able to make it, please do stop us to share a laugh…and perhaps a shot of something strong.
A2IM – 12/2 @ 5-7pm – Free
CCC – 12/9 @ 6:30-10pm – $45
AIMP – 12/11 @ 5-8pm – $35
NARIP – 12/13 @ 11am-2pm – Free if you bring food

Stay close,