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What is an Exploration audit?
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What is an Exploration audit?

The purpose of an audit is to give songwriters, publishers, artists, labels, and film and TV companies a detailed picture of how their works are represented and subsequently, who is collecting revenue as a result of their exploitation. Our team checks the databases below and more to see what metadata is present and what information may be missing, compiling all findings in a spreadsheet. This helps rights holders to find places where they may be missing royalty income, whether in the form of streaming mechanicals, performance, YouTube synchronization, or otherwise.

Databases audited:

  • The YouTube Content Management System, where partners (like Exploration) can claim works on behalf of rights holders.
  • The Mechanical Licensing Collective, which collects for songwriters and music publishers mechanical royalties from DSPs in the United States such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.
  • The Harry Fox Agency, which collects mechanical royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers from service providers such as Facebook and Audiobyte.
  • Music Reports, which collects mechanical royalties on behalf of writers and publishers from platforms such as Amazon (music videos), TikTok, and Peloton.
  • Performing Rights Organizations, including ASCAP and BMI, that collect performance royalties on behalf of writers and publishers.
  • Sound Exchange, which is the sole collector of performance royalties (only ones associated with the sound recording of a song) generated on non-interactive streaming services
  • LyricFind which is the leading lyrics licensing and stat solutions company distributes lyrics to platforms including Amazon, Google, YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, and iHeartRadio

Our team typically takes one to two business days to complete the audit, and it is free. Whether folks end up utilizing Exploration’s administration services or not, the audit can be a very helpful organizational tool. You deserve to have accurate and complete information on how your works are represented regardless of who is collecting on your behalf!

What are the steps?

  • We'll speak with you on the phone, in person, or via email about the titles you control.
  • You'll send us the titles you'd like to have audited.
  • We'll audit all available networks to determine how those titles are represented.
  • We'll prepare a report with our findings including next steps.

The information we need:

  • 3-5 song titles you'd like to have audited
  • Artist name(s) for each title
  • Writer name(s)
  • The ownership percentage splits of the works in question (for example, I own 33% of a song and my two co-writers own the rest)
  • What rights you control (master/publishing, synch/mechanical/performance)

If you are not sure about any of these pieces of information, don’t worry! We can help fill in the blanks.

What do we prepare?

With this information on hand, our team will put together a spreadsheet containing PRO and HFA/MRI ownership shares, YouTube asset ownership, information on unclaimed YouTube videos, and more.

Click HERE to download a blank audit template.

Click HERE to get the real deal for yourself.

Remember: the audit is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to sign up with Exploration when you request one!

Next Steps

An audit may just be the first step towards organizing your catalog metadata and fully collecting the royalties you are owed from the use of your copyrighted works online. Here are a few things Exploration can help you with after the audit:

  • Understanding the details of the spreadsheet with a follow-up conversation
  • Contacting your Label/Publisher/PRO to sort out any confusion
  • Providing a list of competent service providers
  • Signing you up for our own services that include royalty collection and YouTube CMS management for your publishing works, sound recordings, and/or film and TV assets

Who Is Exploration?

Exploration is proud to be the company of choice to administer much of the world’s most important media. Utilizing competent staff and advanced technology, we help copyright owners organize their metadata and collect unclaimed royalties from YouTube, Harry Fox Agency, Music Reports, performing rights organizations and collection societies, and digital service providers (i.e. Spotify, Apple, Pandora, etc.).

What We Do
Exploration currently represents and consults globally with music publishers, record labels, domestic and foreign performing rights organizations, songwriters, composers, recording artists, and film/TV clients for digital rights.

  • Our administrative services include YouTube channel management, catalog auditing, metadata compiling, royalties & accounting, ownership conflict resolution, and digital strategy consulting.
  • Our music publisher and songwriter services include composition-specific YouTube CMS management, on-demand streaming mechanical royalty administration, performance royalty administration, and NMPA settlements.
  • Our record label and recording artist services include sound recording-specific YouTube CMS management, YouTube channel development, and digital distribution.
  • Our film & TV company services include film/TV-specific YouTube CMS management and YouTube channel development.

How We Do It
Exploration provides exemplary service to rights holders. White Circle service results in less operational overhead, better control of your data, and more royalty collection.

  • Account Managers & General Support Staff learn, support, and administer client catalogs. Account managers work in concert with Exploration general support staff to provide accurate and timely task execution.
  • Catalog Delivery, Ingest, & Data Staff assist clients with delivering, formatting, and augmenting their catalog’s metadata, platform ingesting, manual claiming, and ISRC code matching to collect more royalties.
  • Conflict & Mis-Embed Resolution Staff resolve asset conflicts using exceptional subject matter knowledge, sterling relationships with the companies involved, and a daily commitment to the task.
  • Analytics, Accounting, & Reporting Staff provide clients with monthly analytics and raw royalty data from Google, HFA, and MRI, along with a summary of royalties and Exploration’s administrative commission. Clients also receive granular reports detailing manual claiming, IRSC code matching, top-performing assets and videos, conflict data, and consumer demographics.

How The Music Business Works

Our free book is an exhaustive guide collection explaining every facet of the industry.

Exploration Weekly

We offer weekly music business news updates to keep you informed about the major happenings that impact you and your copyrights.