We hope you’re weekend is safe, restful, and filled with those you care about.

For us in Los Angeles, the weather has broken a bit and the sky is blue. It should be a wonderful day, all the way around. Good food and big laughter will be the minimum.

In the spirit of the holiday, Thank You! Without the advice and feedback from our partners and advisers we would not have been able to navigate as quickly as we have. We are iterating the software every day, thus making the business more agile and useful.

This monthly newsletter, in addition to facebook, twitter, and our blog, will convey to our the community improvements to our software and business, industry events, and news relative to our focus, YouTube management.

Now, the news:

Constellation is our search technology. It automatically identifies claimable assets on YouTube, in addition to continuously monitoring the network for any new media that you may own as it is uploaded and you are notified immediately. For the technically inclined, the way the software calls the API has been totally reworked form the ground up, making searches orders of magnitude larger and many times faster. A few pesky bugs have also been squashed and a bit of formatting to the data output has been done as well. The results are fantastic, meaning that larger bodies of assets are able to be identified and ultimately, claimed.
The website has gotten a redesign. It’s simplicity is intentional, and gives us the capacity to evolve over time. We feel the design and style represent much of what our business stands for – transparency, ease of use, & powerful tools behind the curtain. It’s also engineered for mobile devices and tablets, so that one is able to execute from the road.


  • [AIMP Panel](http://http://exploration.io/the-secret-to-a-r-and-creative-confidence-panel/)
  • [YouTube Multichannel Networks at the Beverly Hills Bar Association ](http://http://www.bhba.org/intus/event3/signup.asp?event_id=3376)
  • [DDEX Plenary Consortium ](http://http://exploration.io/exploration-attends-ddex-plenary-consortium-in-new-york-city/)
  • [Hunnypot Party](http://http://exploration.io/hunny-pot-yes/)

    The has been so much incredible information to be learned and shared form these events. Please do let us know of your upcoming event and we’ll be sure to list it here.

    Do you have any questions about the way your content is being managed on YouTube? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out. An audit costs nothing and might illuminate where you can get more from your work on the world’s largest media platform.

    Stay close