YouTube, and the music business overall, is a global effort.

Inasmuch, we have been fortunate to be called upon from artists, labels, and publishers from around the world to help them better understand YouTube and how to get the most from it.

In an effort to best serve folks outside the country of California, we are proud to now offer support via our FAQ in Spanish and French.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Foire Aux Questions

Exploration is now a YouTube Certified Partner!

The process started in January, with our founder’s getting registered and making Google aware of our effort by crossing lots of T’s and dotting many more I’s. Next up was getting everyone certified and through the partner training programs and exams at Google. The programs included the Audience Growth track online and the Advanced Digital Rights track at Google headquarters in Venice, CA. Finally, with everything just right, we submitted our company to Google’s legal review…and waited. Then we waited a little more. Then we had a beer (or three) and waited just little more. The days were dark and the sounds of birds had gone, when finally, the magnanimous notification arrived!

Dear Rene,

Thank you for participating in the YouTube Certified program and applying for submission to the YouTube Certified Partner Directory on behalf of Exploration Group LLC.

After legal review, Exploration Group LLC has been approved to be added to the YouTube Certified Partner Directory. The information you submitted via the YouTube Certified Partner Directory application form should be added to the directory shortly.

Are there specific questions we can answer? What can we do to help you get more from YouTube?

Stay close.

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