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About Us

Our Company

Our mission is to confidentially help our clients identify, organize, and distribute the data required to thoroughly protect and administer their musical works. We rely on old relationships; new software; and a kind, smart, and full-time staff of 50+ people to execute on behalf of our clients and partners.

Proud Members of the Association of Independent Music Publishers, the California Copyright Conference, the Nashville Songwriters Association International, Songwriters of North America, and more. Recognized by the Recording Academy (GRAMMY).

Our Work

On each platform, we evaluate our clients’ current efforts; augment and update their works; resolve any conflicts or problems that may arise; provide analytical analysis and reports on demand; and collect, process, and payout royalties as often as they are remitted from the platforms. We remain flexible with our services and allow clients to pick and choose the services they need.

Our Founders

Exploration Group, LLC, founded in 2013, is a media management and technology company headquartered in Los Angeles. Equally, wholly, and privately owned by Rene Merideth and Aaron Davis, we answer to our clients exclusively and provide them with maximum agency.

Aaron Davis

Co-Founder, CEO

Prior to Exploration, he was the software architect for Business Frame (a software and digital marketing consultancy) and InternetCE.com (an online learning company). A native of Raleigh, NC, Aaron earned a BS in Business Administration from UNC-Wilmington and is a self-taught engineer. He enjoyed an international rugby career, holds multiple patents, and loves his dog.

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Rene Meredith

Co-Founder, COO

Prior to Exploration, she was the Manager, Mechanical Licensing for Windswept Holdings and then Director of Licensing/Head of West Coast Licensing for BMG Chrysalis. Rene hails from St. Louis and earned a BA in Music Business from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She is also an award-winning sports photographer and has a penchant for dragons.

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