What services does Exploration offer?

We help intellectual property owners of music, television, and film control their data and monetize their rights across the Internet and around the world. That includes:

  • YouTube Content ID CMS Management: Organization of CMS structure, application of global file naming protocol, addition of new assets, management of reference files, prioritization of asset conflicts resolution, and resolution of claim disputes.
  • Performance Right Administration: Collection of royalties, organization of metadata, management of issues related to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.
  • Mechanical Right Administration: Collection of royalties, organization of catalog metadata, management of issues related to the platforms and services The Harry Fox Agency, Music Reports, Inc., The Mechanical Licensing Collective, and CMRRA represent—including Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitch, and digital service platforms (DSPs) such as Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Sound Recording Performance / Neighboring Right Administration: Collection of royalties, organization and submission of metadata, management of issues related to digital sound recording performance rights with SoundExchange.
  • Digital Distribution: Organization and management of metadata and sound recordings, ingestion to platforms, management of release on various digital platforms, and royalty collection.
  • Global Sub-Publishing: Administration of compositions, collection of royalties, organization of metadata, management of issues related to music publishing in the World ex-US & Canada.

For songwriters, recording artists, music publishers, record labels, and audiovisual companies, we act as back office support so you can keep doing what you do best, whether that’s creating music, film, and television or creatively representing it.

Who are Exploration’s clients?

Our client list remains private. We represent songwriters, recording artists, music publishers, record labels, YouTube channel owners, collective management organizations, licensing agencies, television rights owners, and film production companies.

Could you refer me to an existing Exploration client?

Confidentiality agreements prevent us from sharing information about our client roster. Referrals can be provided upon request via support@exploration.io. Exploration represents almost 300 clients and more than five million copyrights for the world’s most valuable media.

Where is Exploration’s main office located?

We are a remote-first company with staff in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Miami, and Manila. Our main office is located at 171 Pier Ave., #251 Santa Monica, CA 90405.

How does Exploration differ from its competitors?

Exploration is an industry leader in data management, customer service, and multi-platform rights management. Our team is committed to continuous attention and availability to our clients — no questions left unanswered, no royalties left unclaimed. Give us an opportunity to show you how we are different and we will not disappoint.

How often does Exploration account to its clients?

We account royalties monthly.

How do I submit new compositions to Exploration?

Please use the following Song Delivery Template to submit new compositions and/or sound recordings to support@exploration.io if you are an existing client. For digital distribution, please also include the following Distribution Metadata Template.

How long does it take for Exploration to respond to an email inquiry?

We take pride in our customer service and will respond to your email query within hours. Our support staff is available 24/7. If this is an urgent matter, please call +1 (310) 739-5482.

How do I sign with Exploration?

Schedule a meeting with our Business Development team to get started.

How soon can I expect to receive my first royalty statement?

Provided all the information you deliver to Exploration is correct and free to represent, you should expect to receive your first royalty accounting within three months after signing.

My publisher or representative hasn’t paid me in a long time. Can Exploration collect my royalties instead?

Not if you are still under contract terms with this publisher or representative. The rights to compositions and/or recordings that you submit to Exploration must be free and clear from any other representation. We suggest you contact the representative directly for payment.

How much does Exploration charge for its services?

Exploration does not charge any upfront fees. We operate based on a commission of the royalties we collect for you. Contact the Business Development team for additional information.

Is there an upfront fee to join Exploration?


I am an existing client, how do I set up an appointment to speak to a live person at Exploration?

What is Exploration’s customer service email address?

How do I find the original publisher of a composition controlled by Exploration?

Drop us an email to support@exploration.io and we will send you the original publisher’s contact information.

What is a PRO?

A Performing Rights Organization (PRO) issues performance licenses to users of music and pays performance royalties to owners of copyrights. PROs in the United States include ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR. Learn more about music industry Performing Rights Organizations.

Do I have to belong to a PRO before signing up with Exploration?

No, but it is recommended that you affiliate with a PRO. These organizations are responsible for collecting your songwriter’s share of performance royalties and will pay them to you directly.

What can I expect from Exploration’s YouTube Channel Management services?

  1. Full service backend rights monetization for all asset types, including web, music video, sound recording, composition share, film/TV, and art tracks.
  2. Matching unclaimed sound recordings, managing the claims queue, resolving ownership conflicts, researching mis-embedded assets, cleaning up asset metadata, managing reference file overlaps, manual claiming, and royalty accounting.
  3. Access to dedicated, Youtube Certified-experts who provide valuable insights on improving your channel to increase subscribers and views, including verification for Official Artist Channels, regular content scheduling, and more.

Is Exploration a multichannel network (MCN)?


Can Exploration manage my non-music related YouTube channel?


I’d like a free audit of a few songs from my catalog. How do I request the audit?

Simply fill out our audit request form and we will have it back to you within 3-5 business days.

What can I expect from Exploration’s Distribution services?

  • No fees.
  • Low commission - Contact the Business Development team for additional information.
  • A dedicated group of professionals who will assist you in gathering and uploading all the sound recording information required by digital services providers.

As an Exploration client, how do I submit new material for distribution?

A completed Distribution Metadata Template along with high-quality audio file(s), artwork and lyrics can be emailed to support@exploration.io or ramon.mondigo@exploration.io.

Does Exploration do marketing for artists?

No, other than managing artist YouTube channels.

Can Exploration get my songs on playlists?


I want Exploration to help represent some services, but I already have an account with other collection platforms and do not need Exploration’s involvement there. Can I maintain control of some accounts, but not others?

Yes, Exploration’s services are platform specific, meaning you can pick and choose from a menu the platforms for which you need representation for your music.

I am a member of a United States PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR), and my songs are already registered. Can I use Exploration’s services for new songs only?

Yes, Exploration will represent only what you deliver to us for representation, including partial catalogs within a United States-based PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR).

Can Exploration work through my pre-existing PRO, HFA, MRI, MLC, or SoundExchange accounts?

Yes, in that case we will need your account login information. Since payment will be sent to you directly from the platform, you will then be invoiced by Exploration for our commission.

Does Exploration have direct agreements with digital service providers for distribution?

No, we use a third party aggregator to onboard your music to various platforms. For more information, contact the Business Development team.

Can Exploration help me verify my Spotify account?


Can Exploration represent my catalog outside of the United States?


I don’t live in the United States, how will Exploration send me my royalties?

Via Transferwise.

How do I request a copy of my data in Exploration’s database?

Please email to support@exploration.io.

Can I see a sample royalty statement issued by Exploration?

I am an existing client and my banking information has changed, how do I notify Exploration of the change?

Please contact Linda Sorell or Selene Alcala.

My company has its own YouTube CMS. Can Exploration work within our CMS?

Yes, contact the Business Development team for additional information.

Can Exploration train our staff in utilizing YouTube’s CMS?

Yes, we have a number of CMS training materials that we are able to share. Contact the Business Development team for additional information.

We are a television station in the United States and we represent various foreign produced programs in the United States only. Can Exploration collect YouTube royalties generated from those programs in the United States?


Our film rights are limited to the United States. Can Exploration collect YouTube royalties generated from those films in the United States?


My music publishing catalog is available for a limited number of territories. Can Exploration represent it for the available territories?

Yes, we can represent your full music catalogue wherever you retain rights. Contact the Business Development team for additional information.

Does Exploration have direct deposit?

Yes, this is our standard method of paying out royalties.

Will Exploration copyright my songs?

No. You are responsible for copyrighting your compositions and recordings. Visit www.loc.gov for additional information.

Does Exploration have an app?

No, not yet.

Can I view my Exploration account on a client dashboard?

No, not yet. The Exploration client dashboard is still under development.

What type of music genres does Exploration represent?

From Reggaeton to rockabilly, we represent all genres.

Does Exploration distribute physical products (CD, vinyls)?


Does Exploration secure mechanical licenses for my recordings?

Yes, as part of our Digital Distribution service, we procure our clients’ mechanical licenses for no additional fees.

What is the MLC?

What is metadata?

What is the difference between a sound recording and a composition?

What is an ISWC?

What is HFA and MRI?

What is a DSP?

What is SoundExchange?

Do I need to report my royalties on my taxes?

How long after I submit my music for Digital Distribution with Exploration will my music be available in digital stores?

As a general rule, we require that your good quality audio files, high resolution artwork, credits, and lyrics be submitted to Exploration at least two weeks prior to a release date. If a third party mechanical license is required, then we need all material no less than four weeks prior to the release date in order to secure the licenses.

Who should I credit on my releases?

Main artist, featured artists, songwriter(s), producer, and if applicable, remixer.

Can Exploration distribute my explicit tracks?

Yes, we can distribute your explicit tracks as long as you do so indicate on the Distribution metadata template. Any track or artwork determined to be explicit in language or imagery will be hidden from the stores or rejected if not indicated beforehand.

What is considered to be Explicit?

Explicit tracks and/or artwork are any songs or artwork that are sexual, violent or offensive in nature. If a track is marked explicit, then the entire album is marked explicit.

Does Exploration pay third party mechanical royalties generated from downloads of my distributed products?

No. You are responsible for paying the publisher and/or the owner of the composition for Downloads.

Does Exploration pay third party streaming royalties generated by my distributed products?

No. The digital service providers pay rights holders directly.

There’s another artist with a name identical to mine. How do I avoid getting my songs attached to the wrong artist page?

The Exploration Distribution template provides a space for you to include a link to your artist page (Spotify and Apple Music) so that there is no confusion with the artist's name.

I don’t have an artist page on Spotify or Apple Music, can Exploration help me create one?

Yes, once you submit a recording to both stores, the artist page will be automatically created.

Does Exploration send my distributed music to Facebook and Instagram?


Does Exploration send my distributed music to Tik Tok?


My composition is in conflict with another publisher. As an Exploration client, will you help clear the conflict?

Yes, Exploration has a skilled Conflict Resolution Team that utilizes strong industry relationships to address publishing conflicts.

I want to leave my current YouTube administrators and sign with Exploration. What is the process?

To begin, contact Exploration’s business development team so we can guide you through a smooth transition with your current CMS representative. Next steps may require:

  1. Requesting a list of your assets in a report from your current provider.
  2. A termination request and termination date from your current provider.
  3. Upon termination and notification to Exploration of a termination date, Exploration will assert ownership on the termination date, moving your assets into conflict with the previous provider.
  4. Exploration will then work with your previous provider to transition all assets out of conflict, allowing no revenue to go uncollected for any period of time.

My song is included in a video that was released three years ago and I have never collected the publishing earnings. Have I lost those views or is the money held until I assign Exploration to collect it?

It depends. Provide as much detail as possible in an email to our business development team.

I own 100% of a composition that is included in a video with 300 million views. How much money could I expect to receive?

It depends. A number of factors influence how much revenue YouTube attributes to a video per view, including geography of viewer, time of day, whether the video was set to monetize, etc. This highlights the importance of a CMS representative to ensure any and all royalties are paid.

I need help with SoundExchange. How can Exploration help me with this process?

Exploration can help you collect your SoundExchange Label Share. Once Exploration registers and claims your label share you are automatically registered to receive your artist share.

Can I record and distribute via Exploration a cover version of another artist’s song?

Yes. We need four weeks notice prior to the release date in order to secure a mechanical license for the cover version.

What are the guidelines for submitting lyrics?

  • Do not include the vocalist's name
  • Do not include extra text (ex: "intro", "chorus", social media links, etc.)
  • Repeated lines must be written out. Don't write "Chorus 2x" etc.
  • Begin each line with a capital letter
  • Do not use punctuation at the end of a line
  • Do not include blank lines except between verses or chorus
  • Avoid entering excessively long lines. One sentence per line
  • Don't censor explicit words unless the words are dropped/bleeped in the audio recording (Example: Don't enter "F***", unless the word was dropped or bleeped)
  • For complete list of store requirements, visit Musixmatch and Apple guidelines

I sampled a song by another songwriter — can Exploration distribute my song?

Yes. We can distribute your song as long as you have written permission from the song’s original publisher granting you permission to use the sample.

I sampled a master recording by another artist on my recording, can Exploration distribute my song?

Yes. We can distribute your master recording as long as you have written permission from the original owner of the sampled master recording granting you permission to use the sample.

My music is currently distributed by another distributor, what is the process for transferring my albums and singles to Exploration?

  1. You will need to ascertain that your agreement with your current distributor has been terminated.
  2. Gather all metadata for your recordings. Your existing distributor should be able to provide you with that information which should include: Title, ISRC code, UPC number, songwriters, producer, and first release date.
  3. Send Exploration the metadata along with the audio (.wav or better quality) and high resolution artwork (minimum 1000x1000pixel; 3000x3000 is optimal).
  4. You and the Business Development team will determine the date of your release based on the mechanical licensing needs of your album or single.
**Keep in mind that your previously distributed work can remain with your previous distributors. Exploration can distribute all new material as you create and wish to release it.

What is Exploration’s royalty distribution schedule?

Exploration pays royalties monthly. Once your catalog is registered and distributed to the platforms we represent, you will receive a statement via email on the 25th of each month accounting for your earnings. Your corresponding payment will be transferred to you according to the banking details you provide.

How do you format royalty statements?

Exploration provides royalty statements in .csv format.

Can I release my music on a Wednesday?

We can have a release date any day of the week, but it is preferred to have it on weekdays.

Is it possible to upload the audio to the platforms without the artwork?

The artwork is required upon submission.

Still have questions? Contact us at support@exploration.io.


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