Find answers to frequently asked questions about Exploration.

Getting started is a relatively easy process.

  1. Connect – Typically a phone conversation, so that we both can to set expectations and learn about each other.
  2. Sign service contract – Its short and simple, clarifying what everyone is obligated to do, when one will be paid, and the terms of the agreement.
  3. Deliver catalog – We have templates to make this easy.  If you need it, we will even visit your office to help you compile everything.
  4. Stay in contact – Its important to stay in close contact with you, to answer questions, be a resource, and generally help you grow your business as best we can.

Exploration software is proprietary.  The team at Exploration built the software that powers our company.

If you successfully have your effort on YouTube and SoundCloud under control, that’s awesome!

Artists and media companies typically engage Exploration when they have reached a point in the evolution of their businesses that their media is being copied and shared across multiple distribution outlets, thus the need for specialized help is crucial for profitability’s sake.

Our experience leads us to believe that unless one has software and dedicated professionals with experience working on these platforms everyday, there may be room for improvement.

We believe your business is YOUR business. If our clients are ok talking about who their service providers and partners are, that’s terrific, but it’s their business. We don’t feel that it’s our place to advertise who our clients are. It’s a private matter.

With discretion in mind, if all other measures have been successfully executed on the way toward working together and the final step is to speak with some of our current clients or obtain references, that is fine. At that point, with your permission, we would ask several of our clients if they would be interested in speaking with you and then connect you two, removing ourselves from the loop in order to remain objective.

Exploration reports and pays clients monthly.

An example of a payment may be helpful:

A music publisher signs with and delivers their catalog to Exploration on January 1st. The fiscal month is January 1-31. Google reports and pays Adsense partners approximately three weeks after the end of the fiscal month, so for this example, one would have their accounting information and money by the third week of February.

If Exploration is working within our client’s CMS, we invoice the client with expectation of being paid within 30 days of reporting and payment from Google. To continue to follow the listed example, we would send an invoice and expect to be paid by the middle of March.

If Exploration is working on behalf of a client within our own CMS, we report and pay out to clients within 30 days of reporting and payment from Google, or the middle of March, to use the example.

Moving forward, clients will be invoiced or accounted to monthly for as long as the contract lasts.

Upon cancelation of a contract, a client will receive their final payment within 60 days of the end of last managed fiscal month, in keeping with the timeline above.


Exploration charges a 20% commission fee of YouTube and SoundCloud revenue.

Exploration also provides YouTube and SoundCloud consulting and video production services on a per project basis.

Exploration exists to help writers, artists, labels, publishers, media companies, and those that represent them get the most from YouTube, YouTube Music Key, and SoundCloud.

We are typically called upon when an artist reaches a point in their career where their work is being copied and shared on the world’s largest user generated content networks – YouTube and SoundCloud.

Our YouTube Certified staff assist media rights owners create video content at scale, upload and ingest audio/video content to YouTube, and manage the usage policies, monetization strategies, and accounting of their media.