Exploration currently represents and consults globally with music publishers, record labels, domestic and foreign performing rights organizations, songwriters, artists, and Film/TV clients for digital rights.

Our practice is powered by software, engineers, copyright analysts, and account managers with decades of industry relationships and experience.

We pride ourselves in providing the very best technology and management available to our clients and partners.

  • Data compiling, analysis, and augmentation
  • Global media rights management
  • Royalty collection and reporting
  • Consulting and auditing of media management and accounting

  • Data Concierge - Delivering your data to us should be easy. We will help you compile, clean, augment, and organize your metadata without adding workload to your staff.
  • 24/7 Support - You deserve to be able to reach our team. Especially on the weekends and holidays.
  • Monthly Reporting with Raw Data - It's important to be able to review raw analytics directly from the source in addition to a consolidated summary.
Disc and Sheet

Networks that Exploration currently services:

Exploration currently represents publishing, label, and TV/film clients at YouTube, The Harry Fox Agency, Music Reports, Inc., the Mechanical Licensing Collective, the performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI), SESAC, and more.

Administrative Services

  • YouTube Channel Management
  • Catalog Auditing
  • Metadating Compiling
  • Royalties & Accounting
  • Ownership Conflict Resolution
  • Digital Strategy Consulting

Music Publishers & Songwriters Services

  • YouTube Asset Management
  • Mechanical Royalty Administration
  • Performance Royalty Administration
  • NMPA Settlements

Record Labels & Recording Artists / Bands Services

  • YouTube Asset Management
  • Digital Distribution
  • Sound Recording Performance Royalty Administration
Guitar Heads

Film & TV Company Services

  • YouTube Asset Management
Film Roll

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