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Project Scope

Coming out of the partnership between Exploration and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, building on the landmark research conducted by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Research Center in 2013, the Music Industry Report 2020 will explore the economic impact and contribution of the music industry not only in Nashville but across the globe.

A comprehensive examination of key components of the music industry is critical to understanding one of the region’s underpinning industries, especially in the wake of COVID-19; The Music Industry Report 2020 will do just that. With the help of a team of student researchers, this is the first in a repeating series of market research studies intended to provide both a follow up on the Chamber’s original work as well as a detailed overview of the music industry including its various markets, sub-sectors, establishments, and workforce.

Research will depend on real-time data, proprietary databases, and expert insight and experience from all facets of the industry. The Music Industry Report 2020 will provide compelling, actionable insight to industry leaders and policymakers to guide the success and growth of the music industry well into the next decade and serve as national and international validation of the uniqueness and strength of this industry and its future.

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Topics Covered

  • Workforce Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Recording Venues & Studios Mapping
  • Genre Breakdown
  • Effects of COVID-19
  • Consumption of Music Analysis
  • Notable Trends
  • And more...


  • Songwriters, Recording Artists, & Musicians
  • Digital Service Platforms
  • Artist Managers
  • Music Publising Executives
  • Record Label Executives
  • Live Music Venue Managers
  • Rights Management Organizations
  • Entertainment Lawyers
  • Trade Associations
  • And more...

Study Leads & Partners

  • Jacob Wunderlich
  • Joanna McCall
  • Aaron Davis
  • Rupa DeLoach
  • Shruthi Kumar
  • Alexander Baynum
  • Kate Cosentino
  • Patrick Croke
  • Isabel Smith
  • Rene Merideth
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Release Details

The Music Industry Report - 2020 will be released in December 2020. Stay tuned for more information.


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