July 2015

Streaming Platforms – How SoundCloud Monetization Works – SESAC Bought HFA – FaceBook Video

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Left a good job in the city, Working for The Man every night and day, And I never lost one minute of sleeping, Worrying 'bout the way things might have been. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary What should I consider when my artist wants to live stream? This question is being delivered straight from [...]

November 2014

YouTube Streaming Service – hacker / am – Hunnypot – AIMP Member Showcase

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Happy Halloween!  We sure hope you're holiday weekend was fun and safe.  I shared a laugh with a fellow walking into the coffee shop just yesterday that exclaimed how much fun it was to dress up as a pirate...he was easily in his 70's.  I was Max from Where the Wild Things Are, again.  What did [...]

July 2014

SoundCloud Monetization Is Starting + Monitor Latino Convention + YouTube Pro Tips

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SoundCloud is an exciting frontier for artists, labels, publishers.  I've followed them closely since their founding several years ago and back in April I wrote an article postulating that they would soon be offering a way for rights holders to join them in appreciating their explosive growth.  I also connected our search algorithm to their dataset. It's a bit like seeing [...]

April 2014

SoundCloud Data

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User generated content networks are proliferating music around the world at unprecedented scale and speed.  This presents new opportunities and challenges for creators and those that represent them.Exploration is excited to be a part of this development. SoundCloud recently raised quite a bit of money and is in talks with record labels and publishers to license content.  It [...]